Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Time For Every Season

There is a time for every season under heaven.  
My heart is full of sadness tonight.  
One event two people.
The cycle of life.
My friend is experiencing the worst 
Night mare a parent could experience.
The lose of a child. An adult child.
My heart aches for her as I have witnessed her
Suffering and her pain.
With my deep faith in God, I still tremble when
Something like this happens.  Oh, why, oh why?
But, I know that the great God of this Universe
Knows the "whys". . .He know ALL.
And He know her broken heart, he will heal
He will mend. There is no question about that.

A Great-Grandpa is dying. . His journey is complete
His loss will be profound, and he will be missed.
Tears are shed, good-byes are said.
At the edge of his night the beauty of death is evident.
A long life. . .A loving family. . Dear friends.
All part of the journey of Life.

So at the end of the day and in the quiet of my home.
I bow my head, and ask for mercy and love.
I thankfully ask the Lord for His tender mercies to be
Upon me and my family.  
May His strength be my mantle.
May I firmly stand on His sure foundation.
May I trust in His wisdom and 
May I know that He Is God.

If I had never suffered pain and heartache 
How could I know of His tender love
And His Power to Heal and Make whole again.

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