Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 2013

It takes me a while but I eventually get back to my roots in
Karie's Daley Life.
I am just a little a lot consumed in 

Be sure to visit me there.
It is now October 2013

Just seems that life keeps moving forward.
Lots of new and exciting things happening and yet it is the 
Same old life, I am living.
But I love it.
Totally busy with children and grandchildren.
That is never ending and I never want it to end.
They are my life I love them and love being with them.
I take my calling as a mother very serious
It is the highest calling of womanhood.
Mother and being a wife have been my cherished treasures in this life
And they will be after I am gone form this earth.
We Jackson's know how to have fun
(The the big Jackson boy)
(A couple of the Princesses)
(The oldest Prince)
(Second to the oldest Prince)
(There is the Youngest Prince)
And a couple of the Momma's
But of course I am the Big Momma, and Queen of the Jackson's
And we know how to cry and cheer one another up.
Lots of ups and downs in this life.
But that is what it is all about.
I hold strong to my belief in  Jesus Christ.
I have had a few experiences lately that re affirm my knowledge of 
His reality and His ever watchful eye upon me and my family
I will be back sooner than you expect.
Hope there are a few out there that read my posts
on Karie's Daley Life.
Hugs to you all.

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