Monday, June 30, 2014

My Grandson Missionary

My second Grandson left today to serve a  mission for
The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Oh, how I am going to miss this grandson.
He has been such a delight. . so active and so good.
But, I know he is doing what the Lord wants him to do.
I have sent a son and another grandson and I have
Seen the miracles in their lives.  I have seen the blessings
That have come to them as they have served faithfully.
I know Andrew will be a wonderful missionary.
He has been prepared well by his loving parents.
And his Church teachers and leaders.
I could not be more proud of him.
He will have the Lord with him and he will have
Angels to attend him.
Two years seems like a long time right now,
But, the time will go by fast and he will be home
Ready to begin another part of his life journey.
Right now I am feeling very blessed
The Lord has blessed me with so much.
As I have Honored Him, He has Honored Me.
And one of those honors is having Missionary sons.
My grandson, Andrew is in the Lords care
As he is in the Lord's service.

Decorating For The 4th of July

I am happy you are here.  And I hope you enjoy my blog.
Today, I am going to show you my July decorations on my porch.
Well, I actually think it is called a "stoop".
Whatever the name, it is my tiny porch that I like to decorate.
I change it several times a year.
Right now it is decorated for July 4th.
Red, White and Blue with a little touch of yellow
And whatever other color I can come up with.
I love color!  Truly, I am a color gal. . .
The 4th of July is one of my favorite celebrations.
It is a laid back holiday, with no pressures to please everyone.
Of, course I take the reason for the celebrating very serious.
I am extremely proud to be an American.
My ancestors are very early settlers.
In fact, I have an 5th great-grandfather who fought in the
American Revolution!
Just how cool is that?  Well, I think it is very.
And of course I have my Father, and my Uncles who fought in
World War II
And my brother-in-law in Viet Nam
So, I have reason to celebrate this Great Nation.
With all it's faults and failing, it is the Greatest Nation on this Earth.
There is no where that compares to this country.
I will be celebrating with family.  
Parade, barb-a que. and fireworks.
All in celebration. . . with family and friends.
I am sure I will be back again this week.
I have so much to share with you.
Have a wonderful day.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Motherland

Well, I certainly neglect this little blog.
And I shouldn't. . I love this blog
It is where I can write my thoughts and reflections.
So with a new beginning, that is what I will do
Write my thoughts and reflections on life.
General thoughts but very personal.
I recently took a day trip to my little hometown.
I call it The Motherland.
My ancestors settled this little town.
I was born there and spent my childhood there.
 I am very proud to say it is "home" to me
Though I no longer live there
In fact, I have been away longer than I lived there.
Over 40 years ago my husband and our two little children left the Motherland.
We moved to our new Home, I told my husband he would be
Lucky if I lasted a year.  Well, here I am more than 40 years later.
I have raised my children here, and they are very well planted in this little
spot of the earth.  I love this little spot of earth too.  But I always long for
the place of my birth, my childhood, my young adulthood.
Maybe it is I miss the people that gave me security and love.
They have long passed to the other side, and I miss them so much.
This is my favorite mountain in all the Wasatch Range,
It is called Loafer.  For many reason it is my favorite.
My husband loved this mountain.  It stands as a
Sentinel over the valley protecting and watching over
The valley below.  . . .I love this mountain.
It speaks to my soul and calms me.
The valley is peaceful with lush green fields.
I sometimes wish I lived where there are green pastures,
Where little brooks feed the grass and fields with life give water.
But alas it is not met for me to live here.
The Lord has placed me in another part of His vineyard.
He trusts that I will help build his Kingdom here on earth.
But, my heart still lies in the the valley of my birth and my childhood.
Someday I will return.  I have a little plot of land . . and someday
My earthly remains will be placed there. . and I will be securely
Placed near the majestic mountain that whispers peace to my soul.


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