Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beautiful Sabbath

Ah, Today Is Sunday,
One of my favorite days.
Church was good today.  So fulfilling, and uplifting.
It helped to build me spiritually for today and the coming week.
It was Fast and Testimony meeting, and all the testimonies were
Heartfelt and uplifting.  I enjoyed each one.
Our Sunday School Lesson was on the Fall of King David.
What a tragedy! King David was a great King, he was good.
The Lord could see that his "heart" was good.  King David led
The Israel nation with dignity.  He joined two nations. He built the
Kingdom of God. . .but oh, David fell!
He knew he what he was doing was wrong. . .and he made matters worse
He could have repented of his first sin, but the second he could not redeem himself.
His eternal blessings have been given to another.
King David spent the rest of his life lamenting his wrong doing.
Could that happen to me, or to others.  Yes! hopefully we never go so far
As covering our sin with the grievous sin of murder.
We are human, we are trying with all we have to be "Good".
To do the things that are pleasing to the Lord.  I repent every day of things
I have done wrong.  I pray, that the Atonement will work for me, and that
My sins will be forgiven.  
Only the Savior can know my heart. . .He and only He can wash
My sins away.  Only He can Heal the broken vessel of a person that I am.
Only The Savior, Jesus Christ. . .Only He.
To top my day at Church, was Relief Society. . 
My good friend Sue gave the lesson.
She did a marvelous job. . 
Ministering Grace, through my communications.
I must admit I am not a good communicator. . .
I wish I was better at uplifting others.  I wish I could convey in words my
True feelings to those who I come in contact with.
I want to spread sunshine through my words and my actions,
But alas, I fear I fail . . .so my resolve is to
Try a little harder.  Tender words, a Smile, A pleasant look upon my face.
In some little way, I can make the world a little brighter for myself and others.
I hope I can improve my communication with my loved ones.
We all carry our own burdens, and worries.
And I need to be more mindful of others feelings.
Oh, the blessings of Sunday. . The Sabbath. . The Lord's Day
And amazingly it turns to be Our Day.
I don't know what I would do without Sunday.
The day of rest, the day of prayer, reflections, medication.
A day to draw closer to the Lord, and in return He blesses us with more abundance 
More love, more charity, more of everything.
Beautiful Sabbath!

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