Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Sweethearts of Yesterday~ Old Friends

Hello my  dear friends in blogland.
I am enjoying my summer so much that I forget to
Post on my little blog, Karie's Daley Life.
I have just been so busy.. . and I really have
Little to show for it, but I am having fun.
I love Retirement. . .It is the best.
I have been connecting with friends. . 
New ones, and old ones, and some that are in the middle.
Time is fleeting. . going ever so fast 
Some day is here for many of us.
These beautiful ladies are the girls I went to 
All through school together.
We come from a small little town
Where everyone knew our names and our parents,
And our grandparents, and greats. . and beyond.
We were loved and cherished in our little town.
It was truly a place where everyone watched out for everyone else.
High School graduation brought many changes for us.
Some married, others went on to college and some headed for
The big city for work. . .
We all had our own journey to take.
Each journey is unique to that young woman.
Now we are in our Someday. . .
And our paths have come together again.
Spending time with each other. . recalling the tender 
days of our youth.
Almost 50 years ago each of us took our own path,
Now our paths have joined together. . Amazing how that happens.
"There is a season for everything"
It is again our season to friendship one another,
To care for one another, To lift our spirits, and
To laugh with one another.
And to cry with one another . . . ..  It is all part of the journey.
Our parents are gone, some have lost siblings,
Others of us have lost our husbands. . .
It is just the cycle of life.
A time to be young, A time to be in love,
A time to mourn, A time to rejoice.
I am going to cherish the moments we have
The times we are together. . our friendships are unique
Each one of us is destined for eternity.
But for this time on this beautiful earth. . I will share
A part of it with my old friends.
The Sweethearts of Yesterday.


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