Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things May Be Changing

Well, things are happening. . as always
I may be changing the format of this blog.
Let me tell you my story.
I recently made some wonderful connections with my
Distant cousins from the Daley side of my family.
Because you see I am a  Daley and I love family and I
Especially love finding cousins.
This cute Daley cousin started it all.
My second cousin Jeanine and her Daddy Dean.
She found me on Family Search.
She contacted me. . and the rest is history.
She and her wonderful Dad came to visit me at my home.
I shared with them my book I had made several years ago.
Lots of pictures of the Daley Family.
Her Grandmother, Winona, was my Grandpa Jean's baby sister.
We share the same Great-Grandparents. . 
Graham Little Daley and Margaret Eva Simonds Daley.
We are so blessed to have found each other.
And our bond was immediate.
She is just a delightful gal. . .so thankful to call her cousin.
This past Tuesday we met with other cousins.
My Aunt Madeline Emma Daley Wilson was able to be with us.
She has lots of stories to tell of the family.
Along with cousins,
Jane Ann Wilson Draper and Cora Jean Wilson Jolly who are my
first cousins, and daughter to Aunt Madeline.
Blaine and Carolyn Wood and Nina and Dick Payne
Maurine Johnson Hurst and Ruth Daley Mathnvnk
Also joined us.
Madeline and I shared our Daley books. . and shared the stories of our
Daley Family.
I made copies for everyone there. . It was a most delightful and spiritual
time that we spent together.  
We want more of our family to join with us.
We want the Daley Cousins to come together.
There are so many we don't know where they are.
I am going to be sharing on this blog some of my stories and pictures of
My Daley family.
I hope if anyone out in blog land sees this blog and would like to contribute
To please contact me, and join in the gather of our family.
Families are Forever
And we must keep the connection going while here on this earth.
Hope you will come back and see the pictures I have to share
And the stories I have.
Hugs to all.

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