Monday, October 26, 2015

The Things I Love

The Things I Love
Always and always at the top of my Love List is 
my family.  I am amazed at the beautiful family I have.
I have had the love of my life my husband Lloyd,
who loved my with all his heart.  When he died at 48 years of age
I thought my heart would never recover. . it didn't.
But my life has been blessed and full of joy.
Family is the most important thing in life.
It is true what the Prophets have told us.
"Nothing in life will matter, if you haven't the love
of your children"
"Nothing will compensate for failure in the Home."
I love the season.
I think Nature is in full glory right now.
The weather is perfect, the earth is changing.
And I like the change.
I love the sound of children laughing.
They are happy little souls.
It makes me happy to hear them laugh.
I love the scriptures.
I read them every day.  And I love the time I spend
reading the words of God.
It gives me comfort, it gives me strength.
I love the Scriptures.
The Scriptures have done so much for me.
I love Church's
I love how we build beautiful buildings to worship in.
I know it doesn't matter how humble or grand a church building
may be, I love them.
The steeple, points upward to the heavens. 
It is a symbol of our love and devotion to God.
I love to read, therefore I love books.
I am very selective with what I read.
I like a good book, that can carry me away.
It is good to read, I am thankful I was taught in my 
young years to love reading.
I love books.  I love to hold the book.  I love to turn the pages.
And I love to READ.

So what do you love. . 
You are unique and what you love will be
unique to you.

Have a wonderful day.
And be Thankful!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beautiful Spring Time.

Just a few little thoughts I have today.
It is the last day of April and I am still wondering
where oh where does the time go?
I remember my Papa telling me the older you get
the faster time goes.  Well, as always my Papa is right.
The funny thing is so much happens in a day and yet
the day ends and we begin another and another day.
Sometimes I have to pause and savor moments, even seconds
because I know time is fleeting.  I am living my future right now.
I am in my late sixties.  There was a time when I thought 
late sixties was a long ways down my path of life.
Ha! it is here and I am living it.  I think of how fast the last
20 years have gone, and I look to my future and wonder
if I will make it another 20 years.  
I go to the Temple each month
it is there that I feel the peace of the Savior 
and I am able to gain the proper perspective of life.
There is no end of days.  There is no end to life.
But there are seasons of life and seasons of days.
Yesterday I pondered in my heart the season I am in
at this time.  There are many blessings and gifts to this season of time.
I am thankful to embrace my season, and live my life to the fullest.
I just pray I may always be in harmony with my Savior and Heavenly Father.
They have given me so much.
It is Springtime where I live.  My Springtime has passed.
When I was in the Springtime of my life I don't think I realized
how precious it was, I rushed through it.  I believe it takes time and
years of experience to understand the preciousness of seasons.
Time passes, and with each day holds precious moments.
Now I don't want to rush, I want to take my time and enjoy.
Springtime in the Valley.

Tulips are a sign of Springtime.

Springtime Color
Spring in my Home
My little Teddy loves to photo bomb!
What a character he is.
I have gone from raising annoying children to
raising annoying fur babies.
They both a require a high degree of tolerance and love.
In return they give me so much love and company
And friendship.
I can't complain, I am thankful.
I have a small backyard that is screaming for me to take care of it.
But, I just want to putter. . .I don't want to rush through
pulling weeds, and cleaning up the winter.
But, alas, I guess that is what this season is.
Cleaning up the past. And making new again.

Always look for the sunshine in your life even when
the darkness seems to be all that you see.
There is Light!


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