Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Useful Thoughts

Jared's Baptism Day
In February I failed to post pictures of my Jared's baptism. He is such a sweet boy. I get such a kick out of him. He makes me laugh. I am proud of how Mat and Melanie are raising their children. They are trying to be good parents and to have a good home for their little ones.

I have been busy this past week with many things. Nothing spectacular, but nonetheless interesting little vinettes of my life. I am now feeling much better mentally and spiritually and it feels good to be enjoying life again. Problems are never far away from any of us, but it is in how we look at them and how we handle them that makes the difference in whether we have a positive outlook on life or a negative outlook. No matter how dark and dreary the winter, spring always comes. Isn't that true, it always comes. After a storm, the sun always shines. So it is with life. There are always going to be hard times, but soon they are followed with happy times. I came across this little saying. I have it posted where I can see it every day. It reads:

Sometimes we think there's been a huge mistake,
That something's gone dreadfully wrong,
that we'll never be able to compensate for a tragedy,
that we'll never be able to accomplish what we should
have or could have, if it wasn't for this thing, this problem. . .
Don't we think God knows what He's doing?
Sometimes He wants us to learn to TRUST HIM.

There is never mistakes in living life. . . Everything has a purpose. We are to learn from our mistakes and they will work to our advantage. Trust the Lord He knows what He is doing!
I journied to Payson this week with my good friend Vickie. We had lunch with two other friends Cristie and Caren. It was good. Cristie is going through a very difficult time right now. My heart goes out to her, but she is strong and she will turn things around and learn from this time in her life. The Lord is mindful of her and will bless her as she makes her journey.
We also visited with my two Aunt's Diane and Carol. I love them so much. My Aunt Carol is getting very old. She is still such a sweetheart. I miss her very much.

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