Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been so busy I didn't get a post out to everyone saying Happy May Day!
I like May. . . Summer is just around the corner and the winter is behind us. I am awakened to the newness ( is it a word) of my surroundings. The earth is beginning to be adorned with the beauties of flowers and trees, grasses and fields. The mountains are still capped with snow, but life is beginning to show through with green. Also in May we celebrate Mother's. How appropriate it would be in May, when Mother Earth is so beautifully adorned. Happy May!

Oh, least I forget (how could I). My $10 headboard is now drying. I put the clear coat on it today. Here is a picture of the drying process. Notice the nightstand I added to the painting project. I will post a picture when it comes to my house and becomes my bed. My two little helpers weren't with me today. Darn!
What a treasured time this has been with Zada and Maya helping me. The headboard took on new meaning because of their help. I will always remember their little helping hands, their chatter, and their laughter. They sang, they giggled and most of all they were with me, their Grandma! My bed will become an heirloom becaue of them. I will never erase the loving memory of my two little helpers. I am a little sad because the project is almost over. . . . I am so thankful my time as a Grandma will never end! They are mine FOREVER!

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Lisa said...

Hey Happy Mother's Day! I love the head board. Have a great weekend!


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