Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Greetings

Yesterday was Mother's Day, I had a wonderful day. Mathew and Melanie had my family for a barbeque after church. Just my sons and their families were there because Emily had other plans. I saw her later that evening.
My boys are so much fun to be with. They make me laugh so hard. They have alot of their Dad in them. He could make you laugh. He had such a cute personality and my sons are alot like him. They play off of each other and are so funny and say the funniest things. I love being with them and their wives. We get along so well and their is so much love between us. The little cousins love to be together and the day was warm and beautiful so they had a ball playing outside. What a great day.
I stand all amazed at what my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have given me. I am so blessed and so loved. I couldn't ask for more, I have so much now. It will only get better and more abundant. . . . Being a Mom and a wife is all I ever wanted. I didn't want a career, nor anything of that nature, I just wanted to be married and to have children. My life as a wife was cut short for reasons I don't understand, but my life as a Mom has multiplied and is full and joyful. My heart overflows with love for my children and grandchildren. Eternal takes on new meaning each and every day. They are mine FOREVER!

Well, my bedroom is complete. The headboard was moved in on Saturday with the help of Shelly. I am very happy with it. I wish it showed more when the pillows are stacked on my bed, but that is ok, I can decorate with some of my treasures on the top and I have the sliding doors to put things in, such as my scriptures and others odds and ends. As I stated before it is a heirloom because of the help of my two little girls, Zada and Maya. It has a few imperfections, but they are more character building than imperfections. I love it!

Just another view of it, without the pillows stacked. Of course my treasures have to be displayed. I am a decorator and I like things grouped on top. Notice the plates, I love plates and decorate alot with them in my home. This makes my bedroom so cozy and comforting.

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Susan said...

I looove the blue! You did good work! Thanks for sharing the before and afters--it is always so much fun to see the transformation complete!


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