Friday, May 21, 2010


This is our BFF (Best Friends Forever) trip to Some of the cute sights of the unique little town or Park City Utah. Of course know for it's fantastic skiing in the winter. But for us fair weathered people a delightful place to visit in the off season, like May. Just thought you might like seeing some of the scenery.
I love these cute little houses in a row. . . .

The store fronts on the historic Main Street are so colorful and quaint. And expensive!

The Egyptian Theater made famous by Robert Redford and the Sundance Film Festival

The beautiful Main Street of Park City.

Here are the "Friends"! What a wonderful group of girls. I can't express how much I love and admire each one of them. We are truly Best Friends Forever. . . . We have been together for a long long time. A life time in fact. . . .

Vickie, who I love and adore. She gets me there and brings me home. And lots of talks in between. We miss freeway exits, we take detours, we talk til we are hoarse and we laugh even louder
Oh, and Vickie cusses the drivers of the other cars, as we miss the exits and the turns!

Judy, (sorry cut off in this pic), Jeannine, Joan, Karen, and Cristie

To our dear friend Janice, who let us be there together in her Condo. Thank you, thank you. She and JoAnn and Cristie were there a few days longer. Then me and Vickie came for a couple of days. Caren, Joan, Jeannine, and Karen came for the day. So much fun and laughter. Good things to eat and a night out at a local restaurant. Judy is a Park City native, so she showed us the sights and beautiful scenery of Park City. We stayed right on the historic Main Street.

It is hard for us to say good-bye. We know we will be having another get together, but it is always sad to say good-bye. Hugs and loves for everyone, take care, and remember to say your prayers! My dear sweet BFF. . . you are always in my prayers and in my thoughts.
Thank you for sharing your life with me.

JoAnn, Cristie, Janice

Lots of time spent laughing, because way too much crying goes on. What the heck happened on the journey of life? Did we think we were going to Disneyland and ended up in Death Valley?
Just remember I love you, it'll be alright

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