Friday, July 30, 2010

Ballgames & More Ballgames

It seems like all I have done this summer is go to softball games.
Really it does!
All-Stars have been 3 games each week. . . . .
It is hot and muggy and very hard to be at the games. . . . .
But the reason I am there out weighs any discomfort.
2 of my little darlins' are playing
And Grandma needs to be there.
If you could see what my house looks like right now,
Oh, my goodness! You'd say "stay home"!Reason for my Summer of Softball
And this one too!

But I did have time this week to get in a project.
(proably why my house is a mess)
I rescued a beautiful doily.
Ya, I found it on the ground at the re-cycle bin. . . .
It was in bad shape. . . . . I brought it home
soaked it in Oxy-Clean
(it would make a good commercial for Oxy-Clean)
Fixed up some damage to it.

Sewed a pillow and put it on top of the pillow.
It is now part of the pillow collection on my bed. . .
Matches the blue in my bedroom just perfect.
I could have never left it there on the ground.
I am a crocheter and I knew
someone had spent time and
loving care to create such a beautiful
Work of Art
How could I not rescue it?
That is the problem with me with life in general . . . . .
Ya, I am a rescuer
I just hate to see things (and people) broken and in need of repair!
I want to bring them home and make them
beautiful again.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Louise - My Cousin

I love having Cousins
I have lots of them
But there are some that I am very close to
and I like a lot. . .
This is my cousin Louise
She is one I am close to and I like a lot.
(her Mom and my Grandpa were 1st cousins)
(My great-grandpa and her grandpa were brothers)
Is Talented, Can make ANYTHING!
she cooks, sews, embroderies and many other things
Most of ALL she is a GOOD Person,
Fun to be with
She likes to talk, and laugh and make things for me.
and always wants to make sure I
have a DIET COKE
She was sewing the day I was at her home.
I think she is always sewing something
and usually it is for someone else
never herself. . . . .
Her family is her life, she loves doing things for them.
Her husband, Richard, is very supportive of Louise and the girls
and they in turn are supportive of him
Her daughters are Brenda and Heather.
Heather is just as creative as Louise
Brenda is creative in a different way.
(I always like to ask her what new book she is reading.)
Louise has some beautiful things in her home.
She has a very "fine" eye for beauty.
She has an eye for color and texture.
I am always amazed at her nack for creating things.
Her stitiches and her work is very detailed and done to perfection!

Louise's Grandpa was my
(my great-grandpa's brother)
His name was Uncle Arthur
He was a gentle kind man
He was talented!
He could carve wood
He made the most beautiful carvings of Indians and horses.

This long stick is something that he carved.
The detail is beautiful. . .
(I wish my camera could do it justice)
It is solid walnut.
These are some of the things Louise has made
She does beautiful counted-cross-stitch.
She is the one that got me started doing it.
I have several things she has done.
She loves to give her creations to others. . . .

Very fine detailed work!

Heather was born on the 4th of July
so the house is really decorated for the 4th.
Also Heather's bedroom is decorated in Americana
and 4th of July things.
She has a great collection of July 4th
Because everyone has given her presents that go along with that theme.

Heather has a very cretive eye.
She does the cutest cards
That is for another day!

Pillows in Heather's room
Notice the cute Beanie Bears. . . .
I think they have every Beanie that came out
Really I do!

This is Louise's Mother's Rocking Chair.
Louise doesn't know how old it is,
but Aunt (I call her Aunt) Flossie (Florence)
would be over 100 years old if she were alive.
Aunt Flossie also had the creative genius
she made the most beautiful quilts
all pieced and hand quilted
There is a beautiful needle point on this chair that Aunt Floss did
(I don't have a picture of it.)

"Happy Everything" is so pretty!

Another 4th of July pillow

Louise decorates her shelf according to holidays.
I will show it to you in October, November,
and December is unbelievably pretty!

Louise loves Roosters
This is the top of her cupboards.
Did I tell you she also cans everything from the garden
Tomatoes, fruits, vegitables, and jams.
(hundreds of jars)
And her salsa is to die for!

Oh, I tell you she is one talented lady.
She cooks wonderful food, cans, sews, crafts and a zillion other things.
She makes you feel very welcome
whenever you come to her HOME. . . .
I love to be with Louise
She inspires me!
She is just a GOOD SOUL
one in a million.
I am so glad we are related.
Thankful for Cousins like Louise!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Never Enough Hours In A Day

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day
I really think time is going faster. . . .
Does anyone feel the same way I do?
I feel rushed from morning til night!
And I can never get everything I want to do
in the day I want to do it, done.
It is July 26th and
I hate to say it but
The Summer Is Almost Over!
Where has it gone?The Young Women in my ward left this morning for
Girls Camp
High in the Wasatch Mountain.
They will spend about 5 days
doing all kinds of activities. . . .
I don't go! I don't like camping!
They have to have a "mail box"
for their camp
A sweet couple in the Ward
John and MaryBeth
made this cleaver, adorable
mail box
Isn't it cute?
(just wanted to share that with you)
There is something else I wanted to share with you
Yesterday I received the
"One Lovely Blog Award"
from another blogger.
I was so surprised and humbled!
What a nice thing to receive.
It is for my other blog
The one I do all of my crafts on
I hope you will go to
Karie's Chic Creations
Look at the things I do
and leave a comment if you would like
Hope you have a
Peaceful Day

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sabbath Reflection

Remember the Sabbath Day

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Am A Daughter of Utah Pioneers

I am a proud daughter of Utah Pioneers
My ancestors on all sides of my family tree
came to this beautiful part of the world
for religious freedom.
My family history reads like the history of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.My beloved ancestors
traveled the great plains
forged rivers,
and traversed the
mighty Rocky Mountains
They suffered great trials and heartache
All in the name of Faith in
what they believed to be true
and for the freedom
to worship as they believed.
They traveled by wagons, hand-carts and on foot.
Suffering both physically and emotionally.
Some were part of the tragic
Martin & Willie Handcart Company.
Others were part of the rescue team to save the stranded Saints.
Death, sickness, hardships and pain
all in the name of their religion. . . .
They did this all for themselves
And most of all for
That someday WE could have a better life
a life of truth, justice, and beauty. . . . .
A life built upon
and most of all

My ancestor helped to make the Desert Blossom Like A Rose
They were the builders. . . .
They helped colonize this vast Great Salt Lake Desert
They brought water and crops and cattle and sheep to the desert land
They built Churches
Schools and Towns
and most importantly
They built
Homes where children could grow and learn and work and play and learn
right from wrong.
Homes where the Word of God was taught and lived.
Homes that prayed
Loved the Lord
and Loved their country.
My Ancestors had Faith In Every Footstep
My deepest love to my families
The Pioneers

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Am Almost Finished - - - Quartrefoil Stool

This is what my little stool (with personality)
is looking like. . .
I couldn't be happier with the out-come!
We did it!
Me and My Stool
transformed something ugly
to something beautiful!
The Stool has gone through quite a transformation process!
It has been 2 hot long days for both of us.
She looks good even without the
Quartrefoil Design,
But I wanted more for her. . . .Bless my little Stools soul
it has been through a lot!
The dreaded sanding, then priming and painting
We both grew impatient with the
drying process! She came from DI (the thrift store)
She didn't cost very much,
This is what she looked like when I first saw her. . . .
But, I knew the minute I saw her
she could turn into something
She isn't quite finished yet.
I still need to go over her with a fine artist brush
straighten out the lines of the pattern
and correct any jagged lines.
The the poly-stuff goes on her
Just to protect her finish.

Dang, I am excited!
I did it
I copied Jen at
Tattor Tots & Jello
and I pulled it off!

Painting & More Painting

I am not going to tantalize you with a picture,
I am just going to tell you
I am
Added more painting. . .. . . .
I hope to show you tomorrow,
I am so excited to start on the details of it
I can't sleep tonight!
It has been one hot day here in the West Desert of Utah
I have been painting on my little patio.
I have sanded, primed and painted
2 seperate projects.
It is something I have been waiting to do.
Something I saw on another Blog
and thought
"Hmmmmmm, maybe I can do that, just maybe.
So I found the right object at the one and only
place to find cheap objects
(love that place, I find the neatest things)
I have debated on the color
finally I had it all picked out in my mind.
Now I had to find it at the paint store (Wal-Mart)
Sanding, priming and painting
takes a long time.
You have to wait for paints to dry.
And the little object took 3 coats of 2 different paint colors.
tomorrow morning, when it is cool and nice.
I will put the finishing touches on my project
I promise I will show pictures and tell you about how I did it.
Right now my life is kind of consumed in softball games and DIY projects
I have decided that doing DIY projects is so fun because it is the
thrill of finding just the right thing to do the project
and the thrill of accomplishing something you created.
That's how it is to shop at thrift stores, (DI)
It is the thrill of the hunt
and finally finding something that is totally out of the ordinary
and to make it all worth it , the price is cheap.
Among all the things I like and collect. . ..
I like books, especially old books.
While at DI the other day I came across some very old books.
Like 1927, 1932, 1937
Someone must have been cleaning out their parents or grandparents house.
These books had been given to someone, because'
there were inscriptions on the inside of the book.
I liked the looks of the tattered yellowed books
it told me that the books had been loved.
Someone liked reading them, over and over again.
The books were not only full of information but they had
Charm and personality.
I was immediately drawn to them.
I only bought 4 books
and I wish I had bought more
(I may go back and see if anymore are there)
I have this weird thinking that inate things have personalities!
I know, it is weird! I agree!
The furniture I pick up at DI, or other thrifty places and especially "road kill"
I think, I am drawn to it because for some strange reason they want to come to my home
and be part of my life. They want me to fix them up and make them pretty.
And in the case of books, they want me to enjoy their words as they tell me a story or
impart knowledge to me.
All this "stuff" I have acquired in my many years of life
are like friends to me. Some things hold such tender memories there is no way
I could ever part with it . . . . .
I believe in enjoying the "stuff" I have. Love it, place it where you can see it.
where you can enjoy its personality and charm!
Weird, I know! But that is how I am !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Summer Days and Nights

The days and nights are HOT
and my schedule is
with projects
and places to be
and doing more than I really think I can do
(ever feel that way?)
But somehow it all gets done (eventually)Just thought I would give you a glimple of
my Daley life
and what has been going on
this past week.
(Besides going to Paul McCartney Concert)
I teach the Young Women in my ward
I made this hand-out for them
and gave it to them today at Church.
The lesson was on Testimony
In a bag I put a bottle of water
some sweet peach gummie candy
and a tag that read:
If you THIRST for
You will TASTE
The sweet fruit of
All I could think of when I was trying to come up with something to give them
was water!
Maybe it was because I was in
102 degree weather
and all I could think of was drinking water!
My girls loved the hand-out.

This little darling is part of the reason for my hectic schedule!
And her cousin
They are in All-Stars Girls Softball Tournaments
for the next 3 weeks!
I have already posted about them winning the Championship
Now they are All-Stars. . . . . .
You know how I feel about these grandkids of mine. . . .
whatever they are involved in, I am there to support and cheer them on. . .

So the games are in the heat of the day. . .
It is HOT
and those poor little girls are in the sun and the heat
They try to keep them hydrated, but they need something to cool them off
So. . . .
My son (who is the head coach) and my DIL
came up with the idea of
They are the neatest things!

And you guessed it. . . .
Grandma gets to make them!

I really don't mind

I am so happy to share my talents

Especially to make my grandchildren happy

So today I sewed COOl WRAPS

I promise I will share the idea with you on a later post

or you can go to

and see my other blog for directions.

If you wonder why these pictures are of the backside

well I love the JACKSON on their uniforms

and I love their stance when they are up to bat.

This is BRISSA

Brissa in the batter-up circle

This is my EMMA
she is my lefty
I love to see her ready to hit the ball
(You gotta love the lefty)


Coach Mat and Emma
(father and daughter)
Well, this is what I accomplished this week
None of my other projects were even touched. . .
Nope, not one!
But that is ok, they will be waiting for me
Not these 2 little granddaughters
2010 All-Star Softball
will be over and done and never be again
and my 2 little darlins' will go on to
another year and another game.
If I am not there I will miss it.
I know this happens,
I raised 4 children
and I wonder
where did my little ones go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paul McCartney- Salt Lake City, Utah 2010

Tuesday July 13, 2010
I saw live and in concert
the most talented and amazing musician
Paul McCartney
For 3 hours
we visited
These are my memories of that incredable night
in Salt Lake City, Utah
with a Beatle!
(in the background you can see an image of George Harrison)

Just pure, live music of the great
Sir Paul

Did he ever deliver!
The left-handed (got to love those lefties) guitarist
Sang to my hearts content.

Raising his guitar!
He played from various guitars

and when he said he was playing the ONE
he played in the '60's
The 45,000 people in the stadium

He payed tribute to
his wife Linda
John Lennon
and George Harrioson
when he sang his song to George
I cried.
They were my favorite Beatles.

The crowded loved him
He also, loved us
the way he said
Salt Lake City, Utah
was so cute!

He is playing the ukelale (however you spell it)
George Harrison gave him.

I will never forget
Paul McCartney

How do you describe
Incredible ?

The hands of
Paul McCartney


Sgt. Pepper, Elinor Rigby, Mother Mary
Paper Back Writer, were all present
that hot summer night

The Great, The Talented
Sir Paul McCartney
In Salt Lake City, Utah
and I was there!
I had a permanent smile on my face
as I rocked, sang, clapped and swayed
and at times cried.
These were the times of my youth.
A young girl in a little town in Utah
seeing for the first time the Beatles
on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964
And now 46 years later
seeing live, and in person
the great
Paul McCartney
1 of only 2 surviving BEATLES
So much has changed and is now gone
and it seems so long a go,
for one hot summer night
I revisited

Me, Melanie and Mathew
before the show

Salt Lake City, Utah
Inside the Rio Tino Stadium
where 45,000
people will gather to see
Paul McCartney in Concert
Me and Melanie
Mat and Melanie
It was HOT!
My son Mat and Me
He is just as excited as I am to be there!
Me, getting ready to enter the Stadium
for one incredible night!
I saw and lived YESTERDAY!


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