Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Summer Days and Nights

The days and nights are HOT
and my schedule is
with projects
and places to be
and doing more than I really think I can do
(ever feel that way?)
But somehow it all gets done (eventually)Just thought I would give you a glimple of
my Daley life
and what has been going on
this past week.
(Besides going to Paul McCartney Concert)
I teach the Young Women in my ward
I made this hand-out for them
and gave it to them today at Church.
The lesson was on Testimony
In a bag I put a bottle of water
some sweet peach gummie candy
and a tag that read:
If you THIRST for
You will TASTE
The sweet fruit of
All I could think of when I was trying to come up with something to give them
was water!
Maybe it was because I was in
102 degree weather
and all I could think of was drinking water!
My girls loved the hand-out.

This little darling is part of the reason for my hectic schedule!
And her cousin
They are in All-Stars Girls Softball Tournaments
for the next 3 weeks!
I have already posted about them winning the Championship
Now they are All-Stars. . . . . .
You know how I feel about these grandkids of mine. . . .
whatever they are involved in, I am there to support and cheer them on. . .

So the games are in the heat of the day. . .
It is HOT
and those poor little girls are in the sun and the heat
They try to keep them hydrated, but they need something to cool them off
So. . . .
My son (who is the head coach) and my DIL
came up with the idea of
They are the neatest things!

And you guessed it. . . .
Grandma gets to make them!

I really don't mind

I am so happy to share my talents

Especially to make my grandchildren happy

So today I sewed COOl WRAPS

I promise I will share the idea with you on a later post

or you can go to

and see my other blog for directions.

If you wonder why these pictures are of the backside

well I love the JACKSON on their uniforms

and I love their stance when they are up to bat.

This is BRISSA

Brissa in the batter-up circle

This is my EMMA
she is my lefty
I love to see her ready to hit the ball
(You gotta love the lefty)


Coach Mat and Emma
(father and daughter)
Well, this is what I accomplished this week
None of my other projects were even touched. . .
Nope, not one!
But that is ok, they will be waiting for me
Not these 2 little granddaughters
2010 All-Star Softball
will be over and done and never be again
and my 2 little darlins' will go on to
another year and another game.
If I am not there I will miss it.
I know this happens,
I raised 4 children
and I wonder
where did my little ones go!

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Susan said...

The girls DID love the handout--and lucky me, I got one, too! It was a beautiful lesson and I felt the Spirit strongly as you taught. Thanks for all of your hard work!! And for sharing your creativity!


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