Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Am Almost Finished - - - Quartrefoil Stool

This is what my little stool (with personality)
is looking like. . .
I couldn't be happier with the out-come!
We did it!
Me and My Stool
transformed something ugly
to something beautiful!
The Stool has gone through quite a transformation process!
It has been 2 hot long days for both of us.
She looks good even without the
Quartrefoil Design,
But I wanted more for her. . . .Bless my little Stools soul
it has been through a lot!
The dreaded sanding, then priming and painting
We both grew impatient with the
drying process! She came from DI (the thrift store)
She didn't cost very much,
This is what she looked like when I first saw her. . . .
But, I knew the minute I saw her
she could turn into something
She isn't quite finished yet.
I still need to go over her with a fine artist brush
straighten out the lines of the pattern
and correct any jagged lines.
The the poly-stuff goes on her
Just to protect her finish.

Dang, I am excited!
I did it
I copied Jen at
Tattor Tots & Jello
and I pulled it off!

1 comment:

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Oh I love the quatrefoil pattern! How did you get it so clean and precise? I used spray paint on my tables and it bled through a little.


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